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Honduras Comsa Co-operative Honey Process
Honduras Comsa Co-operative Honey Process
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Honduras Comsa Co-operative Honey Process

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Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA) was founded in December of 2001 with a vision of creating new and alternative development opportunities for small-scale coffee farmers in the region of Marcala, Honduras.

With their initial successes, members became more and more open to experimentation with innovative organic practices. Since COMSA’s inception, it has developed its own approach to organic agriculture, adopting the five “Ms” of organic agriculture over time: in 2001 – use of organic Matter; 2006 – application of Micro-organisms in compost; 2010 – exploring the use of Minerals; 2012 – production of fermented live Molecules; 2013 – strengthening the grey Matter (brainpower) of their technical team, members, and strong educational program with their youth and women’s groups.

“Manos de Mujer” is a group of female coffee producers within the COMSA organization. This initiative was started in September 2013 for the purpose of improving the living standards of the female members of COMSA that own and operate their own farms. But it’s not just coffee that these women produce, they are also part of a larger initiative of female farmers of COMSA trying to diversify their farms beyond coffee in an effort to have a more sustainable income throughout the year. To contribute, they’ve planted fruit and vegetable gardens and started raising chickens, pigs and cows. This initiative by COMSA aims to promote gender equality at the farms and throughout the community.

Certified Organic and Fair Trade

Elevation: 1220 to 1524 meters
Varietals: Bourbon,Catuai,Caturra,Typica
Milling Process: Honey
Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine

Citric Acidity and Medium Bodied, Bitter Chocolate and Floral aromas, with notes of honeysuckle, pomegranate.